Slow grown, heritage, pastured/woodlot raised pork

We raise heritage breeds that thrive in an outdoor environment.  Our pigs love to root and forage and lay in the mud. Here is a collection of photos of Berkshire/Tamworth/American Guinea Hogs from the past and Ossabaw Island Hogs which we currently are raising.

Our goals are to produce high quality pork that is raised as naturally and humanely as possible for a local customer base that is highly engaged and informed about the source of their pork.

The pigs are run through a rotational grazing system using multiple paddocks to give them access to the most forage. We seed the pastures with multiple forage crops after the pigs have finished rooting through a paddock.  As our soil quality improves we hope to reduce the amount of pelleted feed the pigs consume. Mud holes are available to the pigs for temperature regulation and pest control. Hay is used for bedding, food, and mud control. They have access to fresh drinking water at all times. No hormones are ever used.  Antibiotics are not used unless a pig is very sick.  That pig is then quarantined and will not be used for meat until they are healthy and at least a month has passed since the antibiotic was administered. Natural wormers (such as garlic) are used and traditional chemical wormers are used very sparingly and only as needed for the pigs health. Wormers are not used 2 months before pigs go to the processor. 

When it is time for the pigs to go to the processor I fill our trailer with hay and the pigs load themselves.  They then have a nice relaxed trip. We use a excellent local butcher who ensures the pigs end their lives with the least amount of stress possible.