Whole and Half Hogs

Your own supply of the best tasting pork.

We will be offering whole and half hogs for the first time in 2018.  The pigs are about 9 months old now and will be ready around April of 2018.  There are 7 hogs in this litter plus 1 that I kept back from the previous years litter.  The prices are as follows:

Whole Hog - $5.50 per lb plus processing
Half Hog     - $6.00 per lb plus processing

The weight is the hanging weight (internal organs removed) and will be between 180 and 215 lbs for a whole hog and 90 to 110lbs for a half.  Processing costs usually run about $250 for a whole hog and $125 for a half.  That is for individually vacuumed sealed cuts and sausage.  If you want a whole hog that is not broken down then the processing costs will be lower.

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