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We are Josh and Melissa Smith and we run Fraylick Farm, producers of specialty cut flowers and pastured pork. We aim to produce the most beautiful flowers you've ever seen and the best pork you've ever tasted.

Our flowers are grown without harmful pesticides and chemicals. They provide not only beauty but are valuable hosts to beneficial insects and pollinators. We serve the local florist trade and the public.

Our Ossabaw Island pigs are raised as naturally as possibly. They are forest foraged through the woods on the local flora supplemented with seasonal cover crops. We breed on the farm with our boar and sow, Connor and Wendy. We sell our pork locally to restaurants in the Greenville area. Follow us on our social media outlets or join our email list below because you don't want to miss out!

Josh and Melissa Smith
Travelers Rest, South Carolina 29690

T: 864.363.5017
I: @flwrtherapy
F: facebook.com/FraylickFarms

T: 864.363.6496
I: @fraylickfarm
F: facebook.com/FraylickFarms


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